House Rules


In this house we never shout,

We don’t complain nor do we pout.

We’re always happy, never sad.

We’re always good and never bad.

If something doesn’t go quite right

We don’t get mad or start to fight.

Instead we stop and count to ten,

And then we try it once again.

Remember well this is the rule;

Keep your head and just stay cool.

Wear a smile through the day,

And always have nice things to say.

Rocket Ship


I snuck aboard a rocket ship; It wasn’t very smart. I’m scared of heights and aliens and miss buddy Bart. He helped me climb right inside and never said a word. And now I’m trying to decide what could be more absurd? We passed the moon long ago, and didn’t even stop I’m hoping someone down below will maybe call a cop? At first I thought it might be neat, watching all the stars. But now I’m wishing I was home just watching all the cars. I promise if we turn back now I’ll never leave again All I want is my own bed and Mom to tuck me in! I guess I’ll wait til I return, not much else to say. Just tell my friends I’ll be back soon but probably not today!

Average Day


An average day for me today, no big news to report. I didn’t see an elephant or have to go to court. My dinner wasn’t squirrels with toast. My lunch contained no rocks. My breakfast I can gladly say was not my dirty socks. It may have been an average day, but really I don’t care. 

I’m sure I wouldn’t rather have played soccer with a bear!